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Laser safety eyewear

Products distributed by LASER CONSEIL are certified against laser radiation, UV, etc ...
Eye protection are subject to the European Directive for personal protection equipment (N° 89/686/EEC) and governed by 2 European standards in force :

  • Standard EN 207 on the total eye protection against laser radiation.
  • Standard EN 208 corresponding to the protection during adjustment work on lasers and laser systems.

JPEG - 21.9 koThose standards require to take into account the emission values ​​of the most critical that staff is exposed lasers. This will help to prevent the risk of accidents or most frequent incidentsJPEG - 553.9 koEye protection must also resist the flow of safe lasers for which they were selected for a period of 5 seconds continuously or 50 pulses in pulse mode. Therefore, eye protection must bear the CE marking. European standards apply to both protection filters as mounts.

Advantages :
JPEG - 38.8 ko

  • The use of lasers in all classes (1, 1M, 2, 2M, 3R, 3B and 4) in industry and research.
  • The isolation of the environment of the laser system, the protection of staff and visitors.
  • Glasses against laser beams all conform to European standards, are equipped with filters mineral glass or polycarbonate, resistant to scratches. JPEG - 219.4 ko
  • Reflective filters (mineral glass) allow very high levels of protection and a better transmission in the visible.
  • Low weight with very good fit.
  • Economic plastic frame.
  • Very good field of vision.
  • Cord attachment included (depending on model).

Description :

Laser safety glasses :

JPEG - 546.5 koThe glasses are stylish, flexible, large and comfortable, with a sporty design. Their branches are adjustable along the length and at the temples.JPEG - 22.9 ko Their curved filters to a wide field of vision. It is possible to equip some frames polycarbonate filters, especially for CO2 lasers. This model of glasses eye protection does not allow the use of corrective glasses.
JPEG - 55.6 koSmall frames were designed primarily to reduce the cost of a pair of glasses equipped with mineral glass filters. The branches are also adjustable in length and at the temples.

JPEG - 21.1 koJPEG - 13.1 ko JPEG - 21.7 ko

JPEG - 84.2 koJPEG - 88.8 ko JPEG - 89.4 ko

Goggles or face laser protection :

JPEG - 502.2 ko Very safe, this new generation of protective goggles and masks flexible protection allows you to wear glasses. JPEG - 78.3 koMasks are equipped with filters mainly mineral glass although a few filters are also available polycarbonate, particularly for CO2 lasers.
To prevent fogging of the lenses, their breakdown was significantly improved.JPEG - 506.2 ko These masks are suitable for all laser applications seeking many users, such as universities and schools or for the protection of visitors.

JPEG - 97.3 ko JPEG - 641.7 ko

JPEG - 541 koJPEG - 14.8 ko

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