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Verification of laser installations - Risk assessment of A.O.R.

Verification of laser installations or assessment of the risks of Artificial Optical Radiation is now mandated by the application of Articles R. 4452-7 to R. 4452-12 according to Decree N° 2010-750 of 2 July 2010.

LASER CONSEIL offers and assists you in checking your posts and laser installations, but also for other artificial light sources (U.V., LED, active optical fibers, IR, etc ...). Following the compliance review we issue advice and solutions for compliance.

We show you the main points of this service :

  • Site analysis
  • Compliance review of the sources, optical paths, process area
  • Measures levels of illumination
  • Measures levels of laser radiation (sealing leaks, class)
  • Labeling, marking, instructions post
  • Other risks (electrical, mechanical, ergonomic, etc ...)
  • Review of the literature

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Decree N° 2010-750 of 2 July 2010 requires the evaluation of optical risks is periodically renewed and attached to the single document, so LASER CONSEIL offers periodic inspection "Laser Safety" of your laser or optical posts.

LASER CONSEIL has specific optical measurement to quantify the level of laser radiation emitted or received in a given environment (workstation, lab room, handling, phase adjustment / maintenance, etc..), And classify a source, a system, a device or a laser machine (class 1 to class 4 according to the new IEC 60825-1). This helps validate the laser sealing pregnant robotic cells, protective covers, etc. ...

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Main repository of this mission :

  • Decree N° 2010-750 of 2 July 2010
  • EN 60825-1 standard
  • EN 60825-2 standard
  • IEC 60825-3 standard
  • EN 60825-4 standard
  • IEC 60825-14 standard
  • EN 11553-1 standard
  • EN 207 standard
  • EN 208 standard

More information : laser regulation and standardization

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