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Presentation L.E.D. safety

The growing use of LEDs in various fields (industry, laboratory, medical, consumer) provide associated risks (eyepieces and skin).

Therefore LASER CONSEIL offers its expertise in order to comply facilities LEDs, analyze and evaluate the risks of LEDs workstations, etc ...

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Technical analysis and physical measurements of radiation can be performed on site.
An inspection report is submitted on our expertise.

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Definition of the classification level of risk defined by the standard NF EN 62471 photobiological that defines four groups of security risks.

  • Risk group 0 (risk-free), the product has no photobiological risk.
  • Risk group 1 (low risk), the product does not present a risk of exposure limits in normal conditions of use.
  • Risk group 2 (moderate risk), the product does not present a risk to the aversion response to very bright light sources or due to thermal discomfort.
  • Risk group 3 (high risk), the product may have a risk even if the temporary or short-term exposure.

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