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The evolution of technology sources and optical systems including lasers but also UV sources, LED, infrared, etc. ... provide solutions more innovative in the areas of industry, defense, research, medical and general public.
However, the increasing use of optical sources distributed over the entire optical spectrum from the far ultraviolet (UVC) to the far infrared (IRC) through the visible and with power or energy emission extremely high (Several tens or hundreds of kW or kJ) pose inherent security problems in laser and optical design, assembly, use and maintenance etc. ...

JPEG - 1.7 MoThe manipulation of laser beams generates particularly high risk of accidents, but also other associated risks are taken into account (electric, mechanical, physic-chemical, noise, etc. ...).
To meet the growing demand for laser safety and other incoherent light sources, LASER CONSEIL established in 2000, was one of the first laser security agencies to provide solutions in this area.

LASER CONSEIL works and develops solutions for laser safety in partnership with developers, manufacturers, distributors, laboratories, technical centers and laser users to provide the most appropriate services to meet the players in the field

JPEG - 326.8 koThe new obligations for users (Employers) with the publication of Decree N° 2010-750 of 2 July 2010 concern :

  • The principles of prevention
  • The exposure limits
  • The risk assessment
  • Measures and means of prevention
  • Information and training of workers
  • Medical surveillance